Kleinfolgenreich e.V., Schortewitz

06/15 – 24/06/22

The association Kleinfolgenreich e. V. was founded on an abandoned community garden site near Bitterfeld in 2014. A short time later, the cooperating association Immenhort e. V. got underway at the same location. It runs a recognised educational bee garden.

The association’s purpose is to help “ensure that our society treats plants, animals and the environment with more respect and that the landscape surrounding us is managed in a sustainable way. In this context, we want to learn from history and cultivate a cultural exchange between town and country. In particular, we want to share with our guests our joy in creation in the form of the bee and welcome its effects on our consciousness”. Over the years, numerous partnerships have been established with schools, educational gardens, a zoo and similar institutions. We look forward to developing new forms of presentation for this venue from the PIG CONSCIOUSNESS exhibition.

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